Book 1 – Trivia Answers

Book 1 – The Conscript:

1 — Q: How many seconds in one minute on World-FIVE?

A: 72


2 — Q: Avi’s brother, Míaki, is what type of hybrid?

A: Panda and Human


3 — Q: Are the Rohlmac invaders:

A: Insects


4 — Q: What are the barracks’ colors where Avi lives?

A: Red, Black, Silver


5 — Q: What is the name of the girl that Avi is always watching?

A: Clara Shikra


6 — Q: Which classroom has hidden messages on display throughout?

A: Codes and Ciphers with Sergeant Boat


7 — Q: What is the name of the alien student captured in the raid?

A: PHew Mil’Mincet


8 — Q: How many human heads are mounted on the trophy wall?

A: Three


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