Book Club Questions

This page is an experiment. If it is useful, I’ll keep it.

Here are the book club questions currently included in the most recent version of the ebook and the print book for THE CONSCRIPT: (version 1.03 Sept 6, 2016, or later)

Young Adult Book Club Questions:

1- How was your general reading experience? (Explain)

  • LOVED IT! I want the next book right now.
  • Totally involved – I joined right in with Avi in his experiences.
  • Interested but I did not feel I was there.
  • I read the whole story, but skimmed parts and will not read it again.
  • I did not finish the book.

2- Which class at Condor do you feel had the most impact on Avi?

3- Which character do you feel had the most impact on Avi? Why?

4- We watch Avi face some serious challenges. How did he handle these, and do you agree with what he did?

5- Which name, for a character or place, did you like the best? . . . The least?

6- What hidden abilities does Avi have? How would you use those abilities if you had them?

7- Did you solve the hidden message that Avi saw in his Codes and Cyphers class?

8- Describe one of the highlights of the story and explain why you liked it.

Additional discussion questions:

9- What events made PHew change his attitude about his relations with short-lifers? Why did his opinions change?

10- Colonel Hanfield directed the raid on the Argus Institute and his soldiers were brutal and deadly. How does his justify the raid? . . . or does he?

Book Club Questions:

1- How was your overall reading experience?

  • Were you quickly engaged and felt like you were there?
  • Was it interesting but you watched the action from afar?
  • Did you skim often to keep it moving ahead for you?
  • Did you not finish the book?

2- Discuss the main character in the following ways:

  • What obstacles did Avi encounter and how did he respond? Why?
  • How did Avi justify hurting Subbort?
  • How did Avi justify pushing the other prisoners away from him?
  • Why did his feelings about helping PHew change. What other choices could he have made?
  • Do you approve or disapprove of Avi’s choices—(which choices)—why?

3- What growth (if any) did you see in Avi in this first book of the series?

4- Was the plot new and interesting and presented well in this book?

  • Is this a plot driven adventure or a character driven journey? A mix?
  • Were you surprised by new complications or were the events predictable?
  • If you were the author, what would you change? Add? Remove?

5- For the overnight game Avi worked with a mixed group of cadets. What personal conflicts did he have to address before he could really bring his team together?

6- What events (beginning with the raid) brought about the change in PHew’s perceptions of life and the value of others? How did each even affect him at the time it occurred?

7- What theme(s) did you pick up on in the story? Did you see the use of symbols in any part of the story?

8- THE CONSCRIPT is Book 1 in the series. What questions – portents – or promises did the author raise that should be answered in the continuing chronicles?

9- Did you find the conclusion of Book 1 satisfying to you? Why? Why not? What would you change?