Book 1 – Trivia Questions

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These are the trivia questions from THE CONSCRIPT. New questions will be added from time to time. Answers are on the next page.


1 — Q: How many seconds in one minute on World-FIVE?

• 48 or 56 or 60 or 72

2 — Q: Avi’s brother, Míaki, is what type of hybrid?

  • Tilden and Human
  • Rohlmac and Human
  • Wolf and Human
  • Panda and Human

3 — Q: Are the Rohlmac invaders:

  • Reptiles
  • Birds
  • Insects
  • Pure Energy

4 — Q: What are the barracks’ colors where Avi lives?

  • Green-Blue-Gold
  • Red-Black-Silver
  • Red-Blue-Gold
  • Green-Black-Silver

5 — Q: What is the name of the girl that Avi is always watching? (version 1.03)

  • Clara Kestrel
  • Rea Zurial
  • Amelia Somin
  • Clara Shikra

6 — Q: Which classroom has hidden messages on display throughout?

  • Electronic Surveillance
  • Codes and Cyphers
  • Anatomy and First Aid
  • Alien Languages

7 — Q: What is the name of the alien student captured in the raid?

  • PHew Mil’Mincet
  • Luxen Argent
  • Jen’a Betz
  • Mujoonin

8 — Q: How many human heads are mounted on the trophy wall?

• 3 or 6 or 11 or 18

You are welcome to submit your own trivia questions (and your answers) and, if all goes well, the questions will be posted on my website with your name. If you are first to correctly answer someone else’s trivia question then your name will be posted with the answer.